Advantages and disadvantages of living abroad

Let me tell you all about my experience of living abroad

facts to know :

  • I left Lebanon in September 2014 to continue my studies in Economics at the University of Bordeaux
  • The decision of me leaving wasn’t made overnight I wanted to move to France in 2013 after I’ve finished high school
  • I’ve waited a year in order to become more mature ( of course this was my parent’s idea … and a great one)
  • So now after my bachelor’s degree and a Mba 1 in luxury brand management, I’m finishing my master’s studies in marketing & communication in a private business school in Bordeaux.


Disclaimer :

  • This is my side of the story so not everyone will agree 🙂


Disadvantages :


  • It’s hard to make friends: I knew NO ONE when I got to Bordeaux so I had no friends, people in university weren’t the most welcoming and trust me I’m a very sociable person, you can ask around 😉
  • Even if I was in a french system in Beyrouth, university in France is way-way harder I was about to fail for the very first time of my life and fail hard but I’m lucky that I have a father who pushes me to do my best and thanks for the moral support and the private tutors I’ve managed to pass my first year in France

  • Missing your family and friends

    • Missing the happy moments …. like your best friend’s engagement
    • Missing the sad moments 🙁
  • Regular activities like grocery shopping, banking, and going to the doctor can be extremely stressful. Oh yes cause you don’t live with your parents anymore … it gets better with time no worries.

Advantages : 

  • You’ll eventually make friends 🙂 I have a group of friends I can’t live without anymore!

  • You grow on a personal and professional level
  • More work opportunities
  • Independence: the only person who could help me through the sometimes difficult parts of relocating (apart from my family) was myself. I credit this skill for the personal strength and perseverance I have today to overcome problems
  • Becoming a better cook, even if I cooked in Lebanon it wasn’t daily, when you live abroad you have no choice but to start, your culinary skills will take a huge leap forward. Btw I share some of my easy student recipes on the blog > cooking with D  

  • Becoming more grounded, trust me it’s a big relief to be away from small minded people and superficial problems we face in Lebanon


Let me know in the comments what you think it’s the first time I write this kind of article and I love your feedback



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